We Build and Own Google Ads

This is our full service we offer to help clients increase their online leads. With the full service, we integrate Google Ads account to Google Analytics, and connect to our conversion tracking technology to identify which keywords are generating the calls, and to identify which keywords are generating the forms filled out. in addition, we use technology to mitigate and decrease fraudulent clicks from the Google Ads account being used for you. Using our integration process will allow us to continuously optimize the Ads campaigns used for you. With this service we would be responsible for the full development and continuous optimization of Google Ads account that we build so you can focus on what is important to running your business and that is taking care of your clients. This is great for businesses who care about results of people contacting them to get quotes, make reservations, appointments, and not worry about owning of any of the tools that we build and use. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Client Builds & Own Google Ads and We Apply Our Tools 

Who wouldn’t want to have more customers demanding their services? Any business person would love that. we understand your need for boosting your business, and that is why we offer the Google Ads Conversion Rate Optimization.

We apply multiple tools that we offer to increase the number of targeted visitors from Google Ads who are looking for service that you are offering. Of course this requires that the client has appropriately designed landing pages when customers land on your website from Google Ads . When your Google Ads account is connected to our tools we will be able to track which keywords were responsible for the conversions from both the calls and online forms.

Build Google Ads Option (BAO)

We Build Google Ads and Client Owns 

In case if you want to choose to own the Google Ads account but do not have one with this option we will create and build a Google Ads in your name and with your credit card. After we build out the account, we will transfer you all the usernames and passwords.In your account we will build 3 campaigns Search only, each campaign will have 2 adgroups, and each adgroup will have 2 adcopys, adcopys are the ads that people will see when they are searching on Google for your service. You will have 12 adcopys with the built out extensions appropriate for your campaigns.We will consult with you when your input is needed. We want your consultation during this process because your business is unique and know it better than anyone else. The reason why we build and use Google search only campaigns is that we want to show your ads to people actually searching on Google.com for a solution that you offer, and not randomly displaying your ads to viewers who have not made an active effort seeking a solution to their problem that you can solve.The BAO can be purchased alone without being integrated with our tools or can be used with our CRO service, which is us applying our tools to your Google Ads account.


Watch videos from our YouTube channel right here on our website. We aim to be transparent in delivering results for our clients. You will know exactly how much you spend, how many calls and online forms are being filled out.


See What Others Have To Say About Us:

Wow! they have really blowing up our business, we are extremely happy with this company for helping us generates many hundreds of leads each month. Yes we do spend a lot of money on Google Ads but they know how to manage our money for us to get us the most business. In the video he has posted he’s talking about our business and how well we are doing.

Fawad A.

Super Low Price Auto Glass

I’ve worked with Inayet personally and I really enjoy his teaching style. Many other agencies I’ve worked with before are secretive about their techniques and purposely hide what they do to manage my campaigns. Inayet is not like that. He is willing to show me and teach anything we have questions about. It’s refreshing to work with someone who understands my small business needs.

Anthony P.

Anthony Prichard Communications

We have been working with Inayet for more than five years now. They really know how to get results and the lowest cost and provide 100% tracking and ROI for their campaigns. I highly recommend them!

Peter B.

DMD Consulting

Inayet has helped me to set up a ppc advertising on Google Ads and run my own Luxury car services in Colorado. He is a little pricey but in the long term his strategy pays well. He is also a great motivator and teacher for small business beginners like myself. I would recommend Inayet for who ever wants to begin advertising on the internet specially in the transport sector.

Tekleyohanes K

Denver Rides

Since we have started my business almost five years ago we have been with them, they are honest, trustworthy, and have helped me really grow my business. we will continue to use them as long as I am in the limo business here in Colorado. As I found out that there return on investment is well worth it. I know how much each month I’m spending and know exactly how many calls I’m getting and how many online forms that we are receiving each month. For every dollar I spend on marketing I average on a monthly basis seven dollars gross return.

Zack N.

1st American Limo

Google Ads Search Partner

At Fresh PPC Leads we specialize in Google Ads search platform for service based businesses.

We use conversion tracking technology to continuously optimize the Google Ads accounts that we manage.

All of our leads that we generate for our clients are recorded and verifiable so each of the month you will know exactly your return on investment (ROI).

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